Rekhta Baitbaazi

Celebrating a Tradition - A Game of Urdu Poetry had organized Rekhta Baitbaazi on September 18th, 2014 at Ansari Auditorium of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. This competition was open to the colleges and universities of Delhi. Exhibiting a tremendous response, sixteen teams from prestigious universities and colleges of Delhi such as, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi University main campus, Zakir Hussain College, St. Stephens College and Kirorimal College, participated in the contest. The first and the second prizes of Rs. 21000 and Rs. 15000 were bagged by two teams from the Deptt. Of Urdu - Jamia Millia Islamia University, respectively. There were also cash prizes of Rs. 5000 each for the best female and male performers in the individual categories respectively. This Delhi edition marks the beginning of Rekhta’s mission that will eventually unfold into a national level Baitbaazi competition in the future. ...See More 

The highlight of this event was the launch of a unique tool known as the Rekhta Baitbaazi Guide. This exquisite innovation of Rekhta is the ‘first of its kind’ online resource that helps users prepare for Baitbaazi contests. This feature enables users to find a large number of high quality couplets based on an initial alphabet of their choice and ending with the final alphabet, as selected by them. 

Baitbaazi represents a long-established tradition of using Urdu poetry for a game or competition that tests how many couplets (sher/ashaar) one can store in one’s memory and how readily a couplet can be recited in response to a couplet recited by another competitor. The competition involves two or more individuals or teams following a pattern in which one of them initiates the competition by reciting a couplet and the other team/individual readily responds with a couplet that begins with the last letter of the couplet recited by the first team/individual. The competition is judged on the basis of how promptly teams/individuals respond to each other’s of couplets, correctness of metric rhythm, pronunciation and style of presentation. Baitbaazi is popular in India, Pakistan and the entire Urdu diaspora as a game that enriches one’s repertoire of Urdu poetry and motivates to memorize more and more Urdu couplets. Antakshari is the Hindi counterpart of Baitbaazi, which is also well-established among the enthusiasts of Hindi poetry/songs.   

+ - Entry Criteria

     • Teams only from colleges/universities of Delhi
     • Each team will comprise of three students
     • Every team should have atleast one female

+- Registration

Last date of Team Registration:  September 13th, 2014 

Total No. of Teams: 16 (First Come First Basis) 

Process of Registration:  Email all three participantsfollowing details on : 

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Id
  4. Address
  5. Mobile Number
  6. University/College/Course Name
  7. Brief profile of participant
  8. Passport size photograph

Without above mentioned details, registration will be invalid.

+- Rules of Game
11640 minBaitbaazi8 matches -  5 min each
20828 minBaitbaazi4 matches – 7 min each
30416 minLafz RoundEach team will be given a word (Vahshat, Bahaar, Duniya and Zindagi). Teams to read sher on the each given word for 8 min. One round may have 2 nd  word if first word doesn’t have much sher. Any word can be given out of above mentioned 4 words to a team. 
40215 minBaitbaaziNormal Baitbaazi - 15 min
Results-15 min-Award distribution by Chief Guest

  • The pronunciation of words must be taken care of and “Ashaar” must be of good standard.
  • A “Sher” would be said and Rekhta Baitbaazi competition will start with the letter on which that “Sher” ends.
  • Every team will get 10 seconds to answer the “Sher”.
  • If any team does not answer in the given time, the other team will get the chance to answer; and if any team says a wrong "Sher” the other team could correct it by saying “Alqat”.
  • If none of the teams can answer with correct “Sher” then audience will get a chance to answer and for the correct answer, volunteer from audience, will get a complimentary gift from Rekhta.
  • Round 3 would be based on some words as mentioned above.
  • The decisions of the judges will be final.
+- Prize

First Prize – Rs. 21000/-

Second Prize – Rs. 15000/-
Best performer (Female) – Rs. 5000/-
Best Performer (Male) – Rs. 5000/-
Each participant will get conveyance reimbursement and a gift from Rekhta, along with certificate of participation. 



Baitbaazi Function 1
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  • Ghalib Team
  • Meer Team
  • Bani Team
  • Faiz Team
  • Firaq Team
  • Hali Team
  • Iqbal Team
  • Jaun Eliya Team
  • Jazbi Team
  • Jigar Team
  • Majaaz Team
  • Zauq Team
  • Makhdoom Team
  • Momin Team
  • Nasir Kazmi Team
  • Shahriyar Team

Results @ Rekhta Baitbaazi (Delhi 2014)

Winning Team:

Ghalib Team

Runner-up Team:

Meer Team

Best Performer (Individual Category):

Best Performance

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Comments @ Rekhta Baitbaazi (Delhi 2014)

Ages since I saw such a housefull and such an appreciative audience at @Rekhta bait baazi

Rana Safvi رعنا राना @iamrana

@Rekhta बधाई और शुभकामनाएं !

आवारी @avidaanchal

thank you @rekhta for #Baitbaazi....looking forward for such more wonderful events :) 

मुसाफ़िर @manish0891

@Rekhta @knghtrydr Wonderful event. Govt agencies should follow the model how a language and culture is promoted. 

Anuradha Shukla @anu1122

@Rekhta thank you for such a fantastic evening! I enjoyed a lot :) 

कनुप्रिया @_Kanupriya

@Rekhta commendable job! @Kuhu_bole 

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@shairoftheday @Rekhta Why do these things happen in Delhi only? Bombay mein bhi karwaaiye please. 

Varun @varungrover

@atiyaz @poppyafzalkhan @varungrover @anniezaidi @Rekhta Till 80s Baitbazi was popular,both in homes and educational institutions inPak 

Waseem Haider @vaseemhaider

@DOCTORNAYAB @Rekhta aalaa ! bahut nek insaan hain Sanjiiv Sahab. Duaein unke liye. 

Syed 14 @syedfa14

@Rekhta Mukarrar pe tashakkur :) 'Sarraf'Arabic mein johari ko kehte hain aor maine itna Mahir Johari nahin dekha k ye Dafiina Daryaft kia 


@Rekhta: URDU2 Sanjiv Saraf #Rekhta "Us ne jalti hui peshani pe jab hath rakha/Rooh tak aagayi ta'seer masihayi ki" 


Great effort by @Rekhta for promotion of Urdu Shayeri. Special #FF for them. #Baitbazi #Mushaira #Website #Twitter 

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Chacha enjoying #baitbaazi Recites Tum na mano par haqeeqat hai, Ishq, insaan ki zaroorat hai @Rekhta 

Rana Safvi رعنا राना @iamrana

Nahin jo waqif e rasm e wafa woh kya jaane Ke dil ke khoon se jalte hain dosti ke chiraagh #baitbaazi waaaah @Rekhta 

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JNU aur Jamia ki team mein choti ka muqabala chal raha hai Donon team ke himayati josh se bhare huye #baitbaazi @Rekhta 

Rana Safvi رعنا राना @iamrana

@varungrover ironic that baitbazi has to be explained with reference to antakshari! @anniezaidi @Rekhta 

Poppy Afzal Khan @poppyafzalkhan

"@varungrover: crowd at a Baitbazi (Urdu antakshari)competition, Delhi by @Rekhta. turnout! Waaah .Dili mubarakbaad 


The crowd at a Baitbazi (Urdu poetry antakshari) show in Delhi by @Rekhta. Whatay feelgood to see this turnout! 

Varun @varungrover

@iamrana @Rekhta Rekhta ko mubarakbaad. Video bhi upload karein meherbani hogi! 

Syed 14 @syedfa14

Waaaah #Baitbaazi @Rekhta 

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Fantastic level of sher o shayri at @Rekhta bait baazi 

Rana Safvi رعنا राना @iamrana

@Rekhta looks great!@Rekhta looks great! 

Muhammad Jesus Marx @MohJeMa

God Bless you @Rekhta , fr your tireless efforts to serve a noble cause ; "Promote, propagate, make accessible nd preserve Urdu Language" 

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I can't come there ! But my Best Wishes With @Rekhta #BaitBazi #Rekhta The Greatest Litrature Service.. 

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@rekhta unfortunatly, i can't come there ! But my Best Wishes With #Rekhta #BaitBazi. Best Work For Urdu Litrature 

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@Rekhta My best wishes for the bait baazi today. I wish I could also join, but I have to be in office. 

Delhi Heritage @DelhiHeritage

Looking forward 2 attend Baitbazi at Jamia Millia Islamia by @Rekhta. Hope my busy schedule does allow me few spare hours 2 attend d event. 

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@Rekhta #Baitbaazi great initiative; how ever should have been on a week end enabling us to participate 

Ajmal Hussain @ChAjmalHussain

Jab Dilli mein sher o shayri apne urooj par this tab bait baazi ke muqable aam thay 

Hazrat-e-Dilli @DilliKiRanaiyan

@iamrana @Rekhta Awesome endeavour! Meanwhile aapka agla mushaayra Mumbai mein karvaaiye please! 

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@Meetasengupta plans are on to take baitbaazi to all major &minor cities . Smalker UP /MP cities do have some comp @varungrover @Rekhta 

#shair @shairoftheday

@rekhta is reviving in Delhi the art of inter college bait baazi competition. 

Rana Safvi رعنا राना @iamrana

keep it up,till baitbazi catches the imagination of the youth. 

Naiyer Iqbal Razzaqui


Abass Ali Rashidi