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"hijr"के संबंधित परिणाम

रेखता शब्दकोश

  • hijr



    separation from beloved

    जुदाई, वियोग, विछोह, विरह

  • 'hijr'



    pen name

  • hijr-bhare



    full of absence ( of beloved); separation

  • hijr-rut



    Season of separation

प्लैट्स शब्दकोश

  • هجره hijra

    P هجره hijra, s.m.=hijrat, q.v.

  • هجري hijrī rel. n. fr. hijrat

    A هجري hijrī (rel. n. fr. hijrat), adj. Of or relating to the Hijra or Muḥammadan era; according to the Muḥammadan era.

  • هجرت hijrat for A. هجرة, v.n. fr. هجر; see hajr

    P هجرت hijrat (for A. هجرة, v.n. fr. هجر; see hajr), s.f. Separation (of lovers or friends); departure (from one's country and friends);—emigration to Mecca, or from a country of infidels to a land of Muslims;—the Hijra (vulg. 'Hegira'), or flight of Muḥammad from Mecca to Medina (which happened on the 16th of July, A.D. 622, and, in the reign of the Caliph Omar, was ordered to be considered as the commencement of the Muḥammadan era):—hajrat, s.f. One year.

  • هجران hijrān inf. n. of هجر 'to be separated from,' c.

    A هجران hijrān (inf. n. of هجر 'to be separated (from),' &c.), s.m. Being separated (from);—separation, &c. (i.q. hajr, q.v.):—hijrān-zada, part. adj. & s.m. Separated (from), remote (from); deserted, forsaken;—one who is separated, &c.

  • هجڙا हिजड़ा hijṛā

    H هجڙا हिजड़ा hijṛā, s.m.= هيجڙا hījṛā, q.v.

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