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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

रद करें डाउनलोड शेर

उर्दू शब्दकोष

उर्दू शब्द के अर्थ जानने के लिए सर्च बॉक्स में टाइप कीजिए

"ai" का अर्थ

रेख़्ता शब्दकोश






an informal way of addressing

प्लैट्स शब्दकोश

اي ऐ ai, and H. अए aʼe

S P اي ai, and H. अए aʼe, intj. O! ho! holla! (used in calling or addressing); ah!:—ai-ki, O that!:—ai kāsh-ki, O! would that!, would to God that! ai wāʼe, Ah! alas! woe is me!:—ai wāh, intj.=ai wāʼe, q.v.;—Really! very likely! you don't say so! did you ever! never!:—aʼe haʼe, intj. Ah! alas! dear me!

ا a

ا a, the first letter of the Arabic, Persian, and Urdū alphabets. Its pronunciation depends on the vowel which accompanies it; e.g. ا with fatḥa (اَ)=the Devanāgarī = the English a, as in cedar (or =the English u in fun); ا with kasra (اِ)=the Devanāgarī =the English i, as in fin; ا with ẓamma (اُ)=the Devanāgarī =the English u, as in bull.ا with fatḥa, followed by ا, (i.e. اَا, which is usually written آ)=the Devanāgarī =the English ā, as in father; ا with fatḥa, followed by the letter و, (i.e. اَو)=the Devanāgarī =the English au (sounded like ou in house); ا with fatḥa, followed by the letter ي, (i.e. اَي),=the Devanāgarī =the English ai, as in aisle.ا with ẓamma, followed by the letter و, (i.e. اُو),=1˚, the Devanāgarī =the English u, as in rule (or=the oo in pool), and, 2˚, =the Devanāgarī =the English o, as in pole.ا with kasra, followed by ي, (i.e. اِي), = 1˚, the Devanāgarī =the English ī, as in caprice; and, 2˚, =the Devanāgarī =the French e, as in fête.

ا is used,— 1˚ (arithmetically, according to the Abjad, q.v.) for the number one. 2˚ (for , in Almanacks and Astrology) for Sunday, and Aries. 3˚ (for ) as a name of the god Vishnu. 4˚ as an inseparable prefix to a word beginning with a consonant, to signify negation or privation: e.g. aśuddha, 'impure,' 'incorrect.' As in Greek, a becomes an before a vowel; e.g. ananta, 'without end,' 'endless.'

اهہ अह ah

H اهہ अह ah, s.f. Difficulty, trouble, trial.

भौतिक शब्दकोश

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