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Q1. What is Rekhta Foundation?

Rekhta Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working for the preservation and promotion of Urdu, an integral part of our subcontinent’s culture and heritage. The foundation is working in its mission through various events and projects like Rekhta, Jashn-e-Rekhta, Rang-e-Rekhta, Shaam-e-Rekhta,, Rekhta Urdu Learning Program, and a publication project under Rekhta Books among other upcoming projects.

Q2. Who is Rekhta Foundation’s founder?

Rekhta Foundation is the vision of an industrialist turned philanthropist and Urdu lover Sanjiv Saraf. You may like to know more about him at Rekhta Founder Page

Q3. What is the meaning of Rekhta?

Rekhta is the old name of Urdu. Amir Khusrau, the late 13th Century poet wrote in Rekhta. It changed its name many times and came to be known as Dakkani, Gujari, Hindavi, etc at various points of time. Mir and Ghalib also wrote in Rekhta, which later came to be known as Urdu in the late 19th Century.

Q4. What is

It is the world’s largest free online resource for Urdu poetry. It presents a massive collection of other forms of Urdu literature both in prose and poetry. The website hosts a free digital platform for rare Urdu books/ publications under its e-books section. 

Q5. I don’t know Urdu. How can I access the content on the website?

The website is designed keeping in mind that Urdu cuts across different demographics and hence we have the following features to help you enjoy the language better:
The website is tri-lingual 
Rekhta (English) 
Rekhta (Hindi)
Rekhta (Urdu)
The website has an exclusive Dictionary where you can learn word meanings. You may consult online Rekhta Dictionary. Also, you can click on the word while reading the shers to know the meaning
We are happy to inform you that you may start learning Urdu free of cost at Aamozish . This portal that will help you learn Urdu in an interactive and easy way. 
Also if you are looking for classroom teaching, you may register for our upcoming batch at Urdu Learning Program.

Q6. Does Rekhta only promote Urdu poetry and poets? 

No, we also have a considerable number of prose works available on our site. There is complete section of e-books that has a huge number of rare books in all genres of poetry and prose. 
You may find them at Prose section of Rekhta website.

Q7. Are the e-books on available for downloads?

The e-books are available only on the website and are not downloadable. The contributors of books and journals have authorized us only to digitize them for larger accessibility as a free online resource across the globe at Rekhta E-books.

Q8. How can students benefit from the resources at

We have already put the Urdu graduate and post graduate syllabi of various universities on our Website. You may find and read the books of your choice by clicking on the syllabus page- Urdu University Syllabus

Q9. How can I publish my Shayari on Rekhta?

Thank you for showing your interest to publish your poetry on Rekhta. As a policy, we take poetry from published books. If you have any published book, you may please share the same with us for evaluation at our end.
In case you do not have any published work, you may send your poetry at which would be evaluated by our editorial team. If selected, you will be duly informed.

Q10. I am a poet/ performer. How can I perform at a Rekhta event?

Thank you for showing interest in performing at a Rekhta event. Please share your work at Rekhta Contact Us. Our team shall evaluate and contact you as required.

Q11. How can we contribute/donate to Rekhta?

Please share your profile on Rekhta Contact Us and let us know the means (books and finance) you want to support us with. Moreover, we have integrated a payment gateway Rekhta Foundation for receiving donations where you may contribute at your will.

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