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kuchh is tarah se luTī hai matā-e-dīda-o-dil

ki ab kisī se bhī zikr-e-vafā nahīñ karte

kuchh is tarah se luTi hai mata-e-dida-o-dil

ki ab kisi se bhi zikr-e-wafa nahin karte

Ahmad Riyaz
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qismat to dekh TuuTī hai kar kahāñ kamand

kuchh duur apne haath se jab baam rah gayā

qismat to dekh TuTi hai ja kar kahan kamand

kuchh dur apne hath se jab baam rah gaya

Qayem Chaa.ndpuri

vatan sar-zamīñ se ishq-o-ulfat ham bhī rakhte haiñ

khaTaktī jo rahe dil meñ vo hasrat ham bhī rakhte haiñ

watan ki sar-zamin se ishq-o-ulfat hum bhi rakhte hain

khaTakti jo rahe dil mein wo hasrat hum bhi rakhte hain

Josh Malsiani
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ham ko is kyā ḳhabar gulshan gulshan jal gayā

ham to apnā sirf apnā āshiyāñ dekhā kiye

hum ko is ki kya KHabar gulshan ka gulshan jal gaya

hum to apna sirf apna aashiyan dekha kiye

Hasan Najmi Sikandarpuri

kahne ke liye ham bhī zabāñ rakhte haiñ lekin

ye zarf hamārā hai ki ham kuchh nahīñ kahte

kahne ke liye hum bhi zaban rakhte hain lekin

ye zarf hamara hai ki hum kuchh nahin kahte

Siddiq Fatahpuri
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  • फ़क़त
  • فقط


merely, simply, only

faqat nigāh se hotā hai faisla dil

na ho nigāh meñ shoḳhī to dilbarī kyā hai

faqat nigah se hota hai faisla dil ka

na ho nigah mein shoKHi to dilbari kya hai


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Ever wondered what is ‘Gulabi Urdu’, and what is its connection with Mulla Ramuzi (1896-1952)? Well, it is noted as one of Urdu language’s standout prose works in which Mulla Ramuzi has parodied the difficult, word-to-word Urdu translations of the old times. Born Sadiq Irshad, Mulla Ramuzi, was a well-known journalist, satirist, and poet from Bhopal. So unique was his style of highlighting political and social issues in his Gulabi Urdu that the British government’s press act seldom caught hold of it in the newspapers, while Urdu knowers could wittily made sense of it. But in addition to this style, he also wrote satirical and humorous articles on common people's issues in simple language which became very popular. In Bhopal, the office of the Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy is located in the building named, ‘Mulla Ramuzi Sanskriti Bhavan’. Nowadays, the term ‘Gulabi Urdu’ has also come to be known as the confluence of regional vocab and accents in the Urdu language.

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Ismail Merathi

Ismail Merathi


Most famous Urdu poet writing poetry for children.

āġhāz-e-ishq umr anjām ho gayā

nākāmiyoñ ke ġham meñ mirā kaam ho gayā

aaghaz-e-ishq umr ka anjam ho gaya

nakaamiyon ke gham mein mera kaam ho gaya

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