baaten karne mein phul jhaDte hain

Akhtar Ansari

baaten karne mein phul jhaDte hain

Akhtar Ansari

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    bāteñ karne meñ phuul jhaḌte haiñ

    barq girtī hai muskurāne meñ

    nazreñ! jaise farāḳh-dil saaqī

    ḳhum luñDhā.e sharāb-ḳhāne meñ

    baaten karne mein phul jhaDte hain

    barq girti hai muskurane mein

    nazren! jaise faraKH-dil saqi

    KHum lunDhae sharab-KHane mein

    Source :
    • Book : Fan Aur Shakhsiyat (Qita Number) (Pg. 121)
    • Author : Sabir Dutt
    • Publication : Sahir Publishing House ' Parchaiya.n' A.B. Nair Road, Johu Charch, Mumbai No. 49 (March, Dec. 1993-1995,Issue No. 35,36)
    • Edition : March, Dec. 1993-1995,Issue No. 35,36

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