aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


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an informal way of addressing


اي ऐ ai, and H. अए aʼe

S P اي ai, and H. अए aʼe, intj. O! ho! holla! (used in calling or addressing); ah!:—ai-ki, O that!:—ai kāsh-ki, O! would that!, would to God that! ai wāʼe, Ah! alas! woe is me!:—ai wāh, intj.=ai wāʼe, q.v.;—Really! very likely! you don't say so! did you ever! never!:—aʼe haʼe, intj. Ah! alas! dear me!

ا a

ا a, the first letter of the Arabic, Persian, and Urdū alphabets. Its pronunciation depends on the vowel which accompanies it; e.g. ا with fatḥa (اَ)=the Devanāgarī = the English a, as in cedar (or =the English u in fun); ا with kasra (اِ)=the Devanāgarī =the English i, as in fin; ا with ẓamma (اُ)=the Devanāgarī =the English u, as in bull.ا with fatḥa, followed by ا, (i.e. اَا, which is usually written آ)=the Devanāgarī =the English ā, as in father; ا with fatḥa, followed by the letter و, (i.e. اَو)=the Devanāgarī =the English au (sounded like ou in house); ا with fatḥa, followed by the letter ي, (i.e. اَي),=the Devanāgarī =the English ai, as in aisle.ا with ẓamma, followed by the letter و, (i.e. اُو),=1˚, the Devanāgarī =the English u, as in rule (or=the oo in pool), and, 2˚, =the Devanāgarī =the English o, as in pole.ا with kasra, followed by ي, (i.e. اِي), = 1˚, the Devanāgarī =the English ī, as in caprice; and, 2˚, =the Devanāgarī =the French e, as in fête.

ا is used,— 1˚ (arithmetically, according to the Abjad, q.v.) for the number one. 2˚ (for , in Almanacks and Astrology) for Sunday, and Aries. 3˚ (for ) as a name of the god Vishnu. 4˚ as an inseparable prefix to a word beginning with a consonant, to signify negation or privation: e.g. aśuddha, 'impure,' 'incorrect.' As in Greek, a becomes an before a vowel; e.g. ananta, 'without end,' 'endless.'

اهہ अह ah

H اهہ अह ah, s.f. Difficulty, trouble, trial.


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