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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

رد کریں ڈاؤن لوڈ شعر


لفظوں کے معنی دیکھنے کے لیے سرچ باکس میں ٹائپ کیجیے

"nuqoosh" کے معنی

ریختہ لغت



Picture, Mark

नक्श’ का बहु., चित्र, रेखाएँ।



impression, mark, print, an engraveing, a charm

निशान, चिह्न



pen name

پلیٹس لغت

نقوش nuqūsh

A نقوش nuqūsh, s.m. pl. (of naqsh, q.v.), Paintings, pictures; ornamental designs;—engravings;—inscriptions.

نقش naqsh inf. n. of نقش 'to paint,' c.

A نقش naqsh (inf. n. of نقش 'to paint,' &c.), s.m. Painting; colouring; drawing; designing, &c.;—delineation;—embroidery;—a painting, a picture; portrait; drawing; a print; a carving, an engraving; a map, or plan (com naqsha); a design;—an impression; a stamp; a mark;—a magic square;—a charm;—a style of singing, or a kind of song (invented by the people of Khurāsāṇ):—naqsh biṭhānā (with loc.) To make a strong impression (on); to establish (one's) rule or authority (in or over):—naqsh-band, adj. & s.m. Designing, planning, forming, inventing; creating;—a painter; delineator, designer; creator;—adorner; embroiderer;—a magic square; a charm:—naqsh-bandī, s.f. The art of painting, &c.;—painting; embroidering, &c.;—description:—naqsh-bandī, or naqsh-bandiyā, s.m. A class of religious mendicants who walk the streets at night (cf. ćarāg̠ī):—naqsh-ě-pā, s.m. Footstep, foot-print; track:—naqsh-dār, adj. Having designs (on it), carved; engraved; ornamented:—naqsh-ě-dīwār, adj. 'Like a picture on a wall'; like a statue; stock-still; staggered, thunderstruck, confounded:—naqsh-t̤arāzī, s.f. Adorning with paintings or designs, or embroidery, &c.:—naqsh-kaʼl-ḥajar (i.q. kaʼn-naqsh fiʼl-ḥajar), adj. 'Like an engraving in stone'; indelible;—s.m. An indelible mark:—naqsh karnā, v.t. To imprint, impress (on, -par), to stamp; to engrave; to adorn with designs:—naqsh-o-nigār, s.m. Decoration, embellishment;—designs; decorations, ornaments;—paintings, pictures:—naqsh ho-jānā (-par), To be impressed, or stamped, or engraved, &c. (on).


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