Poets/Writers From Canada

Total: 42

Noted fiction writer and poet based in Canada; also known for her flash fiction and translations from English and Punjabi into Urdu.

Saleem Raza

1932 - 1983

an illustrious short story writer, novelist, political analyst, television anchor, and documentary producer from Toronto

Pakistani woman poet of Indian origin / Living in Canada

Musarrat Nazeer is a vocalist and performer who sang and acted in many Urdu and Punjabi films. She also sang wedding and folk songs. She has won several Nigar Awards.

He has written 60 books for children about basic science and environmental issues.

Friedrich List

1989 - 1846

Short story writer based in Canada, TV host, son of Himayat Ali Shaayer

Aziz Ahmad

1913 - 1978

Famous progressive story writer and novelist and poet.

Prominent Urdu poet from Canada having progressive leaning.

Aliya Sharafi is a renowned ghazal singer of Bangladeshi origin. She is also the daughter of the legendary singer Kalim Sharafi


One of the contemporary poets from Pakistan

An Urdu poet residing in Canada