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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Total: 80

Ahmad Faraz

1931 - 2008

Widely celebrated and sung Urdu poet. Rose to iconic stature through his seductively romantic and anti-establishment poetry

Patras Bukhari

1898 - 1958

Patras Bokhari was an Urdu humourist, educator, essayist, broadcaster and diplomat from Pakistan. He is best known for his humorous writings in Urdu literature.

Khatir Ghaznavi

1925 - 2008

Famous for his ghazal 'Go zara si baaat par barson ke yaraane gai.' sung by many singers.

Qateel Shifai

1919 - 2001

One of the most popular poets ever and film lyricist. Famous for his ghazal 'Garmi-e-hasrat-e-nakaam se jal jate hain'.

Farigh Bukhari

1917 - 1997

Prominent poet and journalist who has also been associated with television channel.

Considered to be one of the finest modern poets from Pakistan.

Known for his role in Independence struggle, Urdu academics and literature

Mohsin Ehsan

1933 - 2010

Prominent poet of New Ghazal in Pakistan

Partav Rohila

1932 - 2016

Poet, Researcher and Translator/Known for Urdu translation of Ghalib’s Persian letters.

Raza Hamdani

1910 - 1999

One of the most prominent critics from Pakistan

Syed Abdullah

1906 - 1986

Taj Saeed

1933 - 2002

Rahim Gul

1924 - 1985

famous Urdu Pakistani writer, literary critic, author film director and film producer. With various books of fiction, criticism, biography and art to his credit

Dr. Ayyub Sabir

1940 - 2022

Niaz Sawati

1941 - 1995

Aabid Peshawari

1937 - 1999

Ayub Sabir

1923 - 1989

Ejaz Rahi

1942 - 2006

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