Well-known poet and editor of literary journal 'Istefsaar'


Pakistani poet, journalist, and translator known for his book containing translations of Sindhi literature


Prominent classical poet and contemporary of Dagh Dehlavi, reflecting all the values of romantic bohimianism of classical Urdu ghazal.

1911 -2002

One of the founders of modern Urdu criticism.

1896 -1978

Prominent poet who mastered the poetic idiom of Lucknow poetry.


Eminent Poet and Lyricist


One of the prominent poets of Pakistan known for his unique responses to modern-day social issues in his Ghazals and Nazms

Prominent among the poets of Kashmir, published two collections, 'Raaste Manzilein' and 'Patta Patta'

1960 -1986

A promising poet from Pakistan who committed suicide at the age of 27

1956 -1996

Prominent post-modern poet who went missing in 1996


A poet to draw upon traditional poetics, published several poetry collections

1834 -1917

A well-known poet of mystical thoughts

1893 -1946

A prominent poet and scholar of Lucknow, a disciple of Dagh and Natiq Gulawathhi, known for his annotations of Ghalib and Hafiz, and editing the works of the earliest women poets of Urdu


Poet and writer, known for his critical work on childrens’ literature

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