apne pahle makan tak ho aaun

Akhtar Usman

apne pahle makan tak ho aaun

Akhtar Usman

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    apne pahle makān tak ho aa.uuñ

    maiñ zarā āsmān tak ho aa.uuñ

    koī paikar pukārtā hai mujhe

    sāmne chaTān tak ho aa.uuñ

    jhaḌtā jaatā hai jism roz-ba-roz

    kūza-gar dukān tak ho aa.uuñ

    sehr-e-tashkīk! ab rihā.ī de

    maiñ koī dam gumān tak ho aa.uuñ

    vaqt ab dastaras meñ hai 'aḳhtar'

    ab to maiñ jis jahān tak ho aa.uuñ

    apne pahle makan tak ho aaun

    main zara aasman tak ho aaun

    koi paikar pukarta hai mujhe

    samne ki chaTan tak ho aaun

    jhaDta jata hai jism roz-ba-roz

    kuza-gar ki dukan tak ho aaun

    sehr-e-tashkik! ab rihai de

    main koi dam guman tak ho aaun

    waqt ab dastaras mein hai 'aKHtar'

    ab to main jis jahan tak ho aaun


    • Book: Pakistani Adab (Pg. 306)
    • Author: Dr. Rashid Amjad
    • Publication: Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islambad, Pakistan (2009)
    • Edition: 2009

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