Poets/Writers From Delhi

Total: 830

Syed Ras Masood

1889 - 1937

Syed Hamid

1920 - 2014

One of the founders of Urdu short story and a contemporary of Premchand. Wrote stories highlighting social concerns

Sukhan dehlvi

1839 - 1900

Sughra Mehdi

1937 - 2014

Siraj Anwar

1933 - 1991

Eminent intellectual, statesman and educationist,founder of Aligarh Muslim University

Shuja Khaavar

1948 - 2012

Former IPS officer, who had quit service in the midst of his career.

Poet laureate of the Mughal Court and mentor of Bahadur Shah Zafar. His 'poetic' rivalry with Ghalib is well known.

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