aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Pakistan

Total: 1970

Bulleh Shah

1680 - 1757

Birj Lal Raana

1914 - 1988

Famous for his rubais, also wrote ghazals and nazms

Bhagwan Das Ejaz

1932 - 2020

Famous poet, known for his Dohas

Pakistani novelist of Gujarati Parsi descen who writes in English and is resident in the United States

Behzad Lakhnavi

1900 - 1974

Famous for his ghazal " ai jazba-e-dil gar main chahun har cheez muqaabil aa jaye" sung by many singers.

Bedil Haidri

1924 - 2004

A poet who wrote upon social disparities and poverty

Modern Urdu poet & son of well known poet Nasir Kazmi

Bashir Saifi

1948 - 2000

Basheer Munzir

1925 - 1990

A well-known Urdu and Punjabi poet, also wrote geet in both the languages

Bari Alig

1906 - 1949

Barham Nath Datt

1891 - 1975

Baqi Siddiqui

1905 - 1972

One of the most prominent modern poets of Pakistan

Bano Qudsiya

1928 - 2017

Prominent Pakistani short story writer, novelist and playwright, well-known for his novel 'Raja Gidh'.

Balwant Singh

1920 - 1986

Noted progressive fiction writer.

Balraj Komal

1928 - 2013

One of the leading modern poets and short story writer, who made outstanding contribution to modern Urdu Nazm in India.

Baba Freed

1179 - 1266

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