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Poets/Writers From Lahore

Total: 460

Muzaffar Warsi

1933 - 2011

One of the most read fiction and travelogue writers from Pakistan; known for his unique creativity and appeal.

Mushfiq Khwaja

1935 - 2005

Prominent writer of humour/satire, famous for his column 'khama-bagosh.'

Musharraf Ahmad

1942 - 2003

Musarrat Nazeer is a vocalist and performer who sang and acted in many Urdu and Punjabi films. She also sang wedding and folk songs. She has won several Nigar Awards.

muneer saifi

1940 - 2011

Muneer Niyazi

1928 - 2006

One of the most outstanding modern poets who wrote both in Urdu and Punjabi. Also a film lyricist.

Munawwar Ali Khan was a Hindustani classical singer of the Patiala Gharana. He was the son of the maestro Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. He also learnt Dhrupad from Hussainuddin Dagar (Tansen Pandey).

Mukhtar Siddiqui

1919 - 1972

Mukhtar Masood

1926 - 2017

Mrs. Abdul Qadir

1898 - 1976

Earliest fiction writer in Urdu; known for her romantic-cum reformative stories and novels.

Mohsin Naqvi

1947 - 1996

Popular pakistani poet who died young.

Mohammadi Begam

1879 - 1908

Mohammad Tufail

1923 - 1986

Mohammad Khalid

1950 - 2020

One of the most refined and accomplished Ghazal poets who profoundly influenced important poets both among his contemporaries as well as the following generations.

A valuable name as a poet and story writer from Pakistan.

The most prominent stylist of Urdu prose and author of "Aab-e-Hayaat". Himself a poet, he was a major force behind the movement for the new Nazm in Urdu.

Urdu poet,critic and one of the pioneers of the progressive movement in Urdu literature. Close relation with Faiz Ahmad Faiz as their wives were sisters.

Mohammad Baqar

1910 - 1993

Prominent story writer and critic of Pakistan; known for his criticism on fiction.

Mirza Adeeb

1914 - 1999

A noted story writer and playwright from Pakistan; also a recipient of important awards of Pakistan.

Meesha Shafi is a model, actress and singer from Pakistan. She has appeared in Pakistani, Indian as well as Hollywood films.


1912 - 1949

One of the founding fathers of modern Urdu nazm. Known for his mystical association with Indian metaphysical tradition. Died young.

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