sola december

Anjum Saleemi

sola december

Anjum Saleemi

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    ilm-o-hunar se ḳhā.if hai

    raushniyoñ se Dartā hai

    o amn ke ġhārat-gar dushman

    us din se bhī Dar dushman

    jab tujh ko tere apne

    bachchoñ dushman kar dūñgā

    ta.alīm se raushan kar dūñgā

    tu ilm-o-hunar se KHaif hai

    tu raushniyon se Darta hai

    o amn ke ghaarat-gar dushman

    tu us din se bhi Dar dushman

    jab tujh ko tere apne hi

    bachchon ka dushman kar dunga

    talim se raushan kar dunga

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