KHuda ko apne ham-zad ka intizar

Muneer Niyazi

KHuda ko apne ham-zad ka intizar

Muneer Niyazi

MORE BYMuneer Niyazi

    udaas hai to bahut ḳhudāyā

    koī na tujh ko sunāne aayā

    vo sar jo tere ujaaḌ dil meñ

    charāġh ban kar chamak rahī hai

    koī na tujh ko dikhāne aayā

    ajiib husn muhīb jaisī

    ḳhalish jo dil meñ khaTak rahī hai

    udas hai to bahut KHudaya

    koi na tujh ko sunane aaya

    wo sar jo tere ujaD dil mein

    charagh ban kar chamak rahi hai

    koi na tujh ko dikhane aaya

    ajib husn muhib jaisi

    KHalish jo dil mein khaTak rahi hai

    • Book : kulliyat-e-muniir niyaazii (Pg. 297)

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