aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Chalo tuk Meer ko sunne...

Here is a short introduction to the works and personality of the god of poetry we call Meer

Chalo tuk Meer ko sunne...

Here is a short introduction to the works and personality of the god of poetry we call Meer

On Earth, a Star is born

Meer Taqi Meer was born in August/September of 1723 to Meer Muhammad Ali, commonly known as Ali Mutaqqi and his second wife. His ancestors had migrated from Hijaz and settled in Akbarabad (now Agra). There is much debate about his date of birth. As per historical accounts, In Meer's fourth Deewan, his nephew mentioned his birth month and year. This is the most credible source in this regard,

Relationship with Khan-e-Aarzoo

Meer was the maternal step-nephew of Sirajuddin Ali Khan ‘Aarzoo’. Khan-e-Aarzoo was a poet, scholar and master of Persian. He also composed some poetry in Rekhta (Urdu). Meer lived with him after he arrived in Delhi. In his account of Urdu Poets ‘Nikatush-Shuara’, Meer has nothing but praise for him. Though in Zikr-e-Meer, Meer has accused him of tormenting him. His accusations reach the point that he alleges Aarzoo for conspiring his murder with Meer’s step-brother Mohammad Hafiz Hasan.

Meer Taqi Meer's children

Meer had three children. The eldest son was Meer Faiz Ali, but he died a few years before Meer’s demise. Meer Hasan Askari popularly known as Meer Kallu Arsh was the only of Meer’s kin to live past him. He himself was a poet, but wasn’t of the stature of his father. He also compiled a Deewan. He witnessed the mutiny of 1857 and left his ancestral home and started living in Rakabganj, Lucknow.

The God of Poetry

Meer Taqi Meer is one of the most revered Urdu poets, known as Urdu's Khuda-e-Sukhan (God of Poetry). Almost every towering figure of Urdu literature accepts his stature as the greatest poet ever to exist, and poets like Mirza Ghalib and Nasikh have written verses acknowledging the brilliance of his poetry.

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Articles on Meer

Read these interesting articles to explore his world

Articles on Meer

Read these interesting articles to explore his world

Meer Sahab’s final resting place: Where is it? Akash Arsh

Meer was born and raised in Akbarabad (Agra). His father’s Khanqah was near the Eidgah, now a prominent locality in Agra. After the death of his father, Meer Muhammad Ali (popularly known by his title Ali Mutaqqi), Meer had to leave for Delhi in search of occupation. He was offered an honorarium of one rupee per day by Nawab Samsamuddaula. Meer soon returned to Agra to take care of his younger brother. This sum wasn’t adequate but could be used to make ends meet. This stipend ceased when Nawab Samsamuddaula was killed in his battle with Nadir Shah. He lies buried in a small mosque northwest of the Nizamuddin Auliya’s shrine.

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‘बेटा इश्क़ करो, इश्क़’ कितना बदला था पिता की इस नसीहत से मीर का जीवन हुसैन अयाज़

According to the details given in Meer Taqi Meer's autobiography 'Zikr-e-Meer', Meer's father, Ali Muttaqi, was a person who was engrossed in mysticism. Whenever he was excited, he held Mir's hand and said, "Son, Love is the ruler in this world. If there is no love, this world cannot sustain itself. Life without love is miserable. All that is in the world is the manifestation of love."

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One of the greatest Urdu poets. Known as Khuda-e-Sukhan (God of Poetry)

Jashn-e-Rekhta | 8-9-10 December 2023 - Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Near India Gate - New Delhi

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