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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


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separation, absence, departing

विरह, वियोग






pen name




अन्तर, भेद


فراق firāq inf. n. of فاروق fāraqa, 'he separated' himself from, iii of فرق; see farq

A فراق firāq (inf. n. of فاروق fāraqa, 'he separated' (himself from), iii of فرق; see farq), s.m. Separation, disunion, abandonment; departing, departure (from); absence; distance, distinction;—anxiety, grief, regret (on account of absence):—firāq-zada, adj. & s.m. Afflicted by separation or disunion; separated; absent;—one so afflicted, one doomed to separation.

فريق farīq v.n. fr. فرق; see farq, and firqa

A فريق farīq (v.n. fr. فرق; see farq, and firqa), s.m. A party, company, body, troop, squadron, corps; order, division, section; department:—farīq-ě-awwal, s.m. The principal party in a lawsuit:—farīq-ě-s̤ānī, or farīq-ě-muḵẖālif, s.m. The opposite or adverse party, the defendant party, the defendants, or defendant.

فاروق fārūq for tiryāq-ě-fārūq

A فاروق fārūq (for tiryāq-ě-fārūq), s.m. The best sort of treacle or theriac (so called because it makes a distinction (farq) between disease and health).

فرق farq, vulg. faraq inf. n. of فرق 'to make a separation or distinction' between

A فرق farq, vulg. faraq (inf. n. of فرق 'to make a separation or distinction' (between)), s.m. Separation, intervening space, interval; distance; division, partition; interruption; dispersion; distinction, difference; discrimination;—defect, something amiss; a falling off, deterioration;—line or parting (in the hair of the head); the head; top, summit (of anything);—adj. Separate; distant; distinct, &c.;—intj. Away! aside!—farq ānā or ā-jānā (-meṅ), A difference or misunderstanding to arise (in or between);—deterioration to occur (in), to deteriorate, to degenerate:—farq-par, adv. At a distance; apart:—farq paṛnā (-meṅ), A difference or misunderstanding to arise (between), to differ, disagree (=farq ānā);—a discrepancy to occur (in an account, &c.), to be discordant:—faraq-se, adv. At a distance, apart, wide apart:—farq karnā (-meṅ), To make a separation (between), to separate, divide, part; to detach; to make a difference or distinction (between), to distinguish, to discriminate (between); to make a difference (in), to alter, vary, modify.


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