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تس तुस tus

H تس तुस tus = H تسا तुसा tusā s.m.=tush, q.v.

تل तुल tul

H تل तुल tul [Prk. तुल्ली, and तुल्लं; S. तुल्यः and तुल्यं], adj. & adv. Equal; like, similar; alike:—tul-ārthak, adj. Of like meaning, synonymous:—tul baiṭhnā, v.n. To turn out or prove to be equal; to be weighed against valuable things which are to be given in alms; to sit straight and evenly balanced (on a horse or in a boat;—tul, here, is probably the past conj. part. of tulnā):—tūl rahnā (-ke), To stand facing or opposed (to), to confront, be drawn up in battle array.

تر तुर tur

H تر तुर tur [S. तुरिः], s.f. A weaver's brush; the fibrous stick used by weavers to clean and separate the threads of the woof; a shuttle; a loom.

تم तुम tum

H تم तुम tum [Prk. तुम्म or तुम्ह=S.युष्म], pers. pron., 2nd pers. pl., You:—tum-āp, You yourself:—tum-tanau (Braj)=tumhārā:—tum-san (Braj)=tum-se:—tum-nā (old H.)=tum-ko:—tum-ni, an inflective base, in Braj, of the dat., acc., and abl. cases of tum;—tum-ni-soṅ = tum-se;—tum-ni-kauṅ = tum-ko.

تك तुक tuk

H تك तुक tuk [S. स्तोकः], s.m. (f. ?), One line of a poem; a rhyme; a cadence;—a moment (cf. ṭuk):—tuk-bandī, s.f. Forming rhymes, making verses:—tuk-bandī karnā, tuk joṛnā, v.n. To rhyme; to make verses:—tuk-meṅ tuk mi-lānā, v.n. To rhyme; to concert (with); to sing the same song (as), to agree (with), side (with).

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