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Thou, you



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تو तू tū

H تو तू [Ap. Prk. तुहुं or तुहं, fr. Prk. base तु(S.त्व)+gen. aff. हुं, &c.], pers. pron. Thou (used to imply depreciation or contempt; or by way of familiarity, or endearment; or, in addressing the Deity, to imply extreme reverence):—tū-tāṛaq karnā, tū-tū karnā, tū-karnā, v.t. To thou and thee, to address rudely or disrespectfully; to wrangle, quarrel; to abuse:—tū-tū maiṅ-maiṅ, s.f. 'Thou thou, I I'; altercation, wrangling, squabbling; abusing:—-tū maiṅ-main karnā, v.t. To wrangle, squabble; to abuse:—tū-hī, pron. (emphat.) Thou thyself, even thou.

تا tā

P تا [Z. yatha; S. यथा], adv. To, until, as far as; as long as, whilst; even to; in order (that), to the end (that); in such a manner (that);—intj. Look! behold! take care! beware!:—tā-ba-zīst, adv. While life remains:—tā-ba-kujā, adv. How far? whither? how long? till when?:—tā-ba-kai, adv. Till what time? to what extent? to what length? when? how much? how many?:—tā-ćand, adv. How many? how long? by how much?:—tā-ćand bār, adv., How many times? how often?:—tā-ćunīn, adv. Hitherto, thus far:—tā-ḥāl, adv. Up to the present time, till now, hitherto, yet:—tā-dam-ě-zīst, adv. While life remains:—tā-zindagī, adv. During life:—tā-kujā, adv.=tā-ba-kujā, q.v.:—tā-ki, tā-kě, adv. So that, in order that, to the end that; as long as, until, so long;—whither?:—tā-kai, adv.=tā-ba-kai, q.v.:—tā-maqdūr, tā-ba-maqdūr, adv. To the extent of (one's) power, to the utmost or the best of (one's) ability, as much as possible (syn. ḥattaʼl-maqdūr; maqdūr-bhar):—tā-ham, conj. Yet, nevertheless, still (=tau bhī):—tā hanoz, adv. Yet, still, hitherto, till now; till.

توي toy, toʼě

P توي toy, toʼě, s.f. (?), Feast, entertainment.

تائي ताई tāʼī fem. of tāyā = tāʼū

H تائي ताई tāʼī (fem. of tāyā = tāʼū), s.f. The wife of a father's elder brother; paternal uncle's wife; a term of respectful compellation or mention of a female generally.

توئي तीई toʼī, तूई tūʼī

P & H توئي तीई toʼī, तूई tūʼī, s.f. Ornamental lace, edging (cf. S. tūsha).


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