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تم तुम tum

H تم तुम tum [Prk. तुम्म or तुम्ह=S.युष्म], pers. pron., 2nd pers. pl., You:—tum-āp, You yourself:—tum-tanau (Braj)=tumhārā:—tum-san (Braj)=tum-se:—tum-nā (old H.)=tum-ko:—tum-ni, an inflective base, in Braj, of the dat., acc., and abl. cases of tum;—tum-ni-soṅ = tum-se;—tum-ni-kauṅ = tum-ko.

تمهہ तुम्ह tumh

H تمهہ तुम्ह tumh [Prk. तुम्ह; S. युष्म], An optional base of the oblique cases of the pron. tum (but not commonly used, except in the dat.-acc. tumh-eṅ, the form tum being preferred).

تمل तुमुल tumul

S تمل तुमुल tumul, adj. & s.m. Tumultuous, noisy; excited, perplexed, confused;—tumultuous sound, tumult, uproar, clang, clatter, din; tumultuous or confused combat, mêlée, confusion:—tumul vivād, s.m. Noisy dispute or altercation, excited controversy.

تمن tuman see تومان tǒman or tuman

P & T تمن tuman (see تومان tǒman or tuman), s.m. lit. 'Ten thousand'; a host, crowd, bevy, troop, squadron;—brotherhood, connection, caste:—tuman bāṅdhnā (-), To collect a body of troops:—tuman-dār, s.m. The commander of a tuman:—tuman-dārī, s.f. The command of a tuman.

تمبي तुम्बी tumbī

H تمبي तुम्बी tumbī [Prk. तुंबिआ; S. तुम्बिका], s.f. A long white gourd, Lagenaria vulgaris; a small hollow gourd (in which medicants carry water, &c.; cf. tumbā); a kind of pipe or musical instrument (made of the gourd) played on by snake-charmers, jugglers, &c. (=tumṛī; tāṅbī, toṅbī).

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