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Let us talk of some sweet words today. The word ‘KhaanD’, the root of which is the Sanskrit word ‘Khand’, entered into the Persian language as ‘Kand’, the same became ‘Qand’ in Arabic and Urdu retained the same word for its disposal. In 1611, the word ‘Qand’ appears for the first time in the Urdu language, in Quli Qutub Shah’s Kulliyat. Somehow this word is also related to the English word ‘Candy’. A term that is often in Urdu is "Qand-e-Mukarrar" which means to restate the excellent and purposeful words of a poet or writer. Although the city of Samarqand, Uzbekistan is not in anyway associated with it, our Indian desserts like ‘Qalaa-Qand’ and the aromatic ‘Gul-Qand’ definitely are, the latter is devoured with great relish in our beloved MeeTha Paan.