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Allama Iqbal’s famous poem, ‘Javed Ke Naam’ was inspired and written on the backdrop of a letter penned by his six-year-old son, Javed Iqbal, to him. Javed Iqbal has written an interesting anecdote about this in his autobiography "Apna Gareban Chak" (2003). He writes, ‘I was very fond of music but in our house, there was neither a radio nor a gramophone. My father, too, was extremely fond of listening to songs and played the Sitar in his youth. Whenever Faqir Najmuddin came to our house, he used to play the Taus (a musical instrument), and my father made me sit alongside.’ When Iqbal went to England in 1930, Javed, who was six years old at the time, wrote a letter to his father asking him to bring a gramophone for him. Iqbal didn’t bring the gramophone, but his son’s letter certainly became an impetus for this famous Nazm.

dayaar-e-ishq me.n apnaa maqaam paidaa kar
nayaa zamaana na.e sub.h o shaam paidaa kar