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‘Muhajir-Nama’, is the name of Munawwar Rana’s long Ghazal in a continuum, which was created coincidentally. In 2008, when he visited Karachi for an international Mushaira, he was reclusively smoking a cigarette before his turn for the recital. Meanwhile, a gentleman came across and invited him to participate in a Mushaira in Hyderabad, Sindh. Munawar Rana refused on the pretext of ill health. The gentleman remained obstinate and at once uttered, ‘in Hyderabad, you’ll be getting the double of what you were getting in Amroha’. Displeased at the business-like nature of the conversation, Munawwar returned to the stage; a contemplative image of 1947 (the tragic partition) stared at him. Spontaneously, some couplets came to him, and he versified them right there, on the stage. When his name was announced, he narrated on the mic, the incident that befell to the listeners. And consequently, with the backing of the listeners, recited the first couplet of Muhajir-Naama:
Muhaajir hain magar hum ek duniya ChhoD aaye hain
Tumhare paas jitna hai, hum utna ChhoD aaye hain

It should be noted that there are 1494 couplets in this Ghazal. And when this collection was published in the form of a book, it was very well received.