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Mir Anis and Mirza Dabir were contemporary poets who took the art of Marsiya, or elegy-composing, to its zenith. During their time, the whole of Lucknow was split into two groups; Anisiye, the followers of Anis, and Dabiriye, the supporters of Dabir. But, the two master-poets had immense respect for each other. When in 1874 Mir Anis passed away, Mirza Dabir wept over his dead body and announced, “with the demise of such an eloquent, enchanting, and appreciative poet, pleasure has departed.” He also composed a legendary piece on the death of Anis, whose last verse:
Aasmaa.n be-maah-e-kamil, sidra be-ruuh al-amiin
Tuur-e-siina be-kaliimullah, mimbar be-aniis

is inscribed on the epitaph of Anis.