duniya-e-tasawwur hum aabaad nahin karte

Fana Nizami Kanpuri

duniya-e-tasawwur hum aabaad nahin karte

Fana Nizami Kanpuri

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    duniyā-e-tasavvur ham ābād nahīñ karte

    yaad aate ho tum ḳhud ham yaad nahīñ karte

    vo jaur-e-musalsal se baaz aa to ga.e lekin

    be-dād ye kyā kam hai be-dād nahīñ karte

    sāhil ke tamāshā.ī har Dūbne vaale par

    afsos to karte haiñ imdād nahīñ karte

    kuchh dard shiddat hai kuchh pās-e-mohabbat hai

    ham aah to karte haiñ fariyād nahīñ karte

    sahrā se bahāroñ ko le aa.e chaman vaale

    aur apne gulistāñ ko ābād nahīñ karte

    duniya-e-tasawwur hum aabaad nahin karte

    yaad aate ho tum KHud hi hum yaad nahin karte

    wo jaur-e-musalsal se baz aa to gae lekin

    be-dad ye kya kam hai be-dad nahin karte

    sahil ke tamashai har Dubne wale par

    afsos to karte hain imdad nahin karte

    kuchh dard ki shiddat hai kuchh pas-e-mohabbat hai

    hum aah to karte hain fariyaad nahin karte

    sahra se bahaaron ko le aae chaman wale

    aur apne gulistan ko aabaad nahin karte


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