chhai rangin darwaze

Muneer Niyazi

chhai rangin darwaze

Muneer Niyazi

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    chhai rañgoñ ke phuul khile haiñ

    mere ghar ke aage

    kisī na.e sukh ke darvāze

    ḳhvāb se jaise jaage

    un ke pīchhe rañg bahut haiñ

    aur bahut andāze

    un ke pīchhe shahr bahut haiñ

    aur bahut darvāze

    chhai rangon ke phul khile hain

    mere ghar ke aage

    kisi nae sukh ke darwaze

    KHwab se jaise jage

    un ke pichhe rang bahut hain

    aur bahut andaze

    un ke pichhe shahr bahut hain

    aur bahut darwaze


    Nomaan Shauque

    Nomaan Shauque

    Nomaan Shauque

    che rangin darwaze - muneer niyazi Nomaan Shauque


    • Book: chhe rangi darwaze (Pg. 20)
    • Author: muniir niyazi
    • Publication: mavara publication

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