Fayyaz Hashmi's Photo'

Fayyaz Hashmi

1920 - 2011 | Karachi, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Fayyaz'

Born :Kolkata, India

chorī ḳhudā se jab nahīñ bandoñ se kis liye

chhupne meñ kuchh mazā nahīñ sab ko dikhā ke

chori KHuda se jab nahin bandon se kis liye

chhupne mein kuchh maza nahin sab ko dikha ke pi

Song, dialogue writer, poet Fayyaz Hashmi was born in kolkata in 1920. His father Syed Muhammad Hussain Hashmi Dilgeer was a very famous poet and writer of stage drama. His family later left for Lahore. The emergence of this bright star was evidenced much before independence of India, when Fayyaz Hashmi, still a teenager wrote the most famous song “Tasveer Teri Dil Mera Behla Na Sakhe Gi” which was sung by Talat Mehmood. he wrote more than 2000 songs for films and Gramophone recording company and scripts for various movies. He received Graduate Award 3 times, Nigar award for the best song in 1978 and International award in 1986. In addition to these he recounts about 11 Silver Jubilee Awards and 17 Golden Jubilee. He passed away on 29 Nov 2011.

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