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Jaan Nisar Akhtar

1914 - 1976 | Mumbai, India

Progressive poet & lyricist. Father of noted lyricist Jawed Akhtar

Progressive poet & lyricist. Father of noted lyricist Jawed Akhtar

Pen Name : 'aKHtar'

Real Name : syed Jaan Nisar Husain Rizvi

Born : 18 Feb 1914, Gawalior, India

Died : 19 Aug 1976

Son : Javed Akhtar

āñkheñ jo uThā.e to mohabbat gumāñ ho

nazroñ ko jhukā.e to shikāyat lage hai

aankhen jo uThae to mohabbat ka guman ho

nazron ko jhukae to shikayat si lage hai

Jaan Nisar Akhtar has made a distinguished mark as a romantic and revolutionary poet. He was born in 1927 in Gwalior, where his father was posted, in service. His native village was Khairabad. His father Muztar Khairabadi was also a reputed shayar. Akhtar did his studies till matriculation from Gwalior and passed M.A. (Urdu) from Aligarh Muslim University. In 1940, he became a lecturer at Victoria College, Gwalior and then took up Professorship in Urdu at Hamidia College, Bhopal. He only received basic guidance from his father in classical Urdu sher-o-shayari. Despite the fact that he had no mentor, he portrayed his poetical genius in ghazals, nazms, masnavis, quatrains and songs. Seven collections of his poetry have been published. Akhtar lived in Bombay and wrote songs for movies. He passed away on August 19, 1976 in Mumbai, following a heart attack. In recognition of his poetical accomplishments, he received many awards like M.P. Sahitya Akademi, Soviet Land Nehru Award, etc. His language and style were simple but eloquent with extensive use of Hindi words.

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