Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Progressive poet & lyricist. Father of noted lyricist Jawed Akhtar

1914 -1976 Mumbai

Prominent contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir. Known for depiction of physicality in his romantic poetry

1734 -1792 Lucknow

Renowned Urdu scholar famous for his works on Iqbal. Wrote the first National Anthem of Pakistan.

1918 -2004 Delhi

Famous for his Rubai's and long poem on Gautam Budha.

1889 -1934 Lucknow

Known for his role in Independence struggle, Urdu academics and literature

1904 Jabalpur

One of the most prominent later classical poets at Lucknow who was associated with Rampur State.

1832 -1909 Lucknow

One of the most popular post-classical poets and disciple of Ameer Minai and succeeded Dagh as court poet of Hyderabad.

1866 -1946 Hyderabad