Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Pakistani poet known for his ghazal "kal chaudhanvi ki raat thi, shab bhar raha charcha tera".

1927 -1978 Karachi

Story writer and poet, published several collections of stories and poetry.

1979 Punjab

One of the postmodernist story writers; author of several books of criticism.

1957 Delhi

Urdu poet who later became the most popular and renowned writer of detective novels in Urdu who earlier wrote Urdu poetry under the pen name of Asraar Naarvi.

1928 -1980 Karachi

Film Lyricist, famous for his lyrics in the film 'Kaho na pyar hai'

1951 Mumbai

Noted Pakistani story writer and journalist; also wrote plays and travelogues.

1924 -1977 Pakistan

Prominent among new generation poets of Pakistan

1973 Pakistan

He has written 60 books for children about basic science and environmental issues.

1954 Canada

One of the most prominent Pakistani poets, famous for his cultural romanticism.

1940 Islamabad

Known for setting hyper-modernist trend in Pakistani Urdu criticism called 'Lisani Tashkilat'

1936 -2003 Pakistan

Known for open expression of homosexual themes in Urdu literature.

1946 -2011 USA

One of the most important story writers of Urdu, greatly appreciated for his creative use of language and picking up on novel issues.

Poet,Critic,Journalist and honorary editor of literary magazine "Tmseel-e-Nau"

1960 Kolkata