Personalities Shayari

Personalities make a culture and distinguish it from others. They are celebrated and represented with love and reverence. Poets too have paid their respects to them in their creative ways. These are in the form of tributes and compliments to them. Many aspects of human personaly are here for you to ponder over and see how poets represent them in their own ways.

hindū chalā gayā na musalmāñ chalā gayā

insāñ justujū meñ ik insāñ chalā gayā

hindu chala gaya na musalman chala gaya

insan ki justuju mein ek insan chala gaya

Asrarul Haq Majaz

dekhiye hogā shrī-krishn darshan kyūñ-kar

sīna-e-tañg meñ dil gopiyoñ hai bekal

dekhiye hoga shri-krishn ka darshan kyun-kar

sina-e-tang mein dil gopiyon ka hai bekal

Mohsin Kakorvi

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