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  • hajar



    a stone


  • حجر ḥajar v.n. fr. حجر 'to prevent, to resist'

    A حجر ḥajar (v.n. fr. حجر 'to prevent, to resist'), s.m. A stone;—prohibition; (in Law) annulment:—ḥajaruʼl-aswad, s.m. The black stone of the kaʻba or temple of Mecca:—ḥajaruʼl-yahūd, s.m. Jews-stone, a calcareous stone used in medicine (found in Palestine, and resembling an olive or acorn), Helmintholithus judaicus.

  • شجر shajar, shijar

    A شجر shajar, shijar, v.n. fr. شجر 'to be intricate,' &c.), s.m. = A شجرة shajarat, shijarat (n. of un.fr. shajar, &c.), s.f. = P شجره shajara, shijara, vulg.shajra, &c. (for A. shajarat, &c.), s.m. A tree, plant, shrub, &c.:—shajara, or shajra, s.m. A genealogical tree; a map in which fields are marked out; a sketch, &c. in a field-book (in surveying):—shajar-nāma, s.m. A genealogical table of saints or holy predecessors given to disciples; a genealogical tree:—shajaratuʼl-ḥukm, s.f. The tree of judgment (a fabulous tree which is said to have given unerring decisions on knotty points of dispute):—shajara-ě-ansāb, s.m. A genealogical tree:—shijra-qulla, s.m. Pots and pans.

  • گجر गजर gajar

    H گجر गजर gajar [Prk. गज्जडो; S. गर्ज+रः], s.m. The chimes rung at the expiration of a pahar or watch of the day or night (i.e. after striking the hours of 4, 8, and 12; but the term is sometimes restricted to those rung at the close of the fourth watch, the word pahar being more commonly used for the middle chimes);—an alarum:—gajar, adv.=gajar-dam, q.v.:—gajar-dār, adj. Having an alarum (a clock):—gajar-dam, adv. At the time of the 4 oʼclock chimes in the morning, at early dawn.

  • گجر गजर gajar

    H گجر गजर gajar; contrac. of gājar, q.v. (used in comp.):—gajar-bhattā, or gajar-bhat, s.m. A dish of boiled carrots and rice:—gajar-ḍaul, adj. & s.m. Carrot-shaped;—a cone, &c.:—gajar-gaṭṭā, s.m. A popgun.

  • گجر गजर gajar

    H گجر गजर gajar [prob. contrac. fr. gohuṅ and jaʼī+S. ], s.f. A mixture of wheat and barley, or of red and white wheat (=gojarī).