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Meer Anees

1803 - 1874 | Lucknow, India

One of the most prominent classical poets at Lucknow, who excelled in Mersia poetry. Contemporary of Mirza Ghalib.

Legendary mersia writer Mir Babbar Ali Anees was born in 1803 in Faizabad (UP). His parents had migrated in their old age to Lucknow. Poetry came to him as ancestral heritage, for his great grandfather were eminent poets. Anis was the grandson of Mir Hasan who is remembered for his immortal Masnavi, Sehir-ul-Bayaan. Anis had started writing gazals at an early age but soon switched to mersia on his father's advice, which later got his identity. Anis had a superb command over the language that enabled him to express various moods, situations. Besides being a master of the marsia, he was equally good with writing Rubai. He composed salāms, elegies, nauhas, quatrains etc. Kulliyat Mir and Rubaiyat Mir are his important work. Anis died in lucknow in 1874.

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