Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Progressive poet & lyricist. Father of noted lyricist Jawed Akhtar

1914 -1976 Mumbai

Prominent contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir. Known for depiction of physicality in his romantic poetry

1734 -1792 Lucknow

Renowned Urdu scholar famous for his works on Iqbal. Wrote the first National Anthem of Pakistan.

1918 -2004 Delhi

Famous for his Rubai's and long poem on Gautam Budha.

1889 -1934 Lucknow

One of the most prominent later classical poets at Lucknow who was associated with Rampur State.

1832 -1909 Lucknow

One of the most popular post-classical poets and disciple of Ameer Minai and succeeded Dagh as court poet of Hyderabad.

1866 -1946 Hyderabad

One of most prominent post-modern Pakistani poets, known for the uniqueness of his poetic experience.

1951 -1998 Karachi