Dohe on Pyas

Thirst! It is not only

the usual thirst that poets necessarily speak about. It is also the thirst for wine, for love, and for all such things that help us appreciate the meaning of lust and longing. Various facets of thirst are here for you to appreciate.

sājan ham se mile bhī lekin aise mile ki haa.e

jaise sūkhe khet se bādal bin barse uḌ jaa.e

sajan hum se mile bhi lekin aise mile ki hae

jaise sukhe khet se baadal bin barse uD jae

Jameeluddin Aali

nadiyā ne mujh se kahā mat aa mere paas

paanī se bujhtī nahīñ antarman pyaas

nadiya ne mujh se kaha mat aa mere pas

pani se bujhti nahin antarman ki pyas

Akhtar Nazmi
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