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you, itself, self






آپ आप āp

H آپ आप āp [S. आत्मन], refl. pron. com. gender, Self, himself, oneself, itself; he himself, you yourself, they themselves:—pron. rever. You, Sir, your honour, your worship; his honour, his worship.—āp-āp, distr. pron., Each one; each by himself or itself; every one for himself:—s.m. Selfishness, egotism.—āp-āp karnā, v.t. To address (one) with respect or deference; to flatter; to be selfish or egotistical.—āp-bhātī, adv. According to one's own pleasure.—āp-bītī, s.f. That which has befallen oneself, the story of one's own sufferings.—āp-rūp, adj. Self-made, self-formed; singular, strange, wonderful, unique, incomparable, unequalled:—s.m. The self-formed, the Deity;—you, your honour, your worship;—an unparalleled scamp or rogue.—āp-rūpī, adj. Self-formed, &c. (=āp-rūp):—adv. Of its own accord, spontaneously.—āp-swārthī, adj. Pursuing one's own objects, self-seeking, selfish (see swārthī).—āp-se, āp-se-āp, adv. Of himself, of his own accord, voluntarily, freely; without rhyme or reason, causelessly; of itself, spontaneously.—āp-kāj (S. ātma-kārya), s.m. One's own business or affairs.—āp-kājī, adj. Attending to, or concerned about one's own business or affairs; pursuing one's own objects, self-seeking, selfish.—āp-ko (or apne-ko) dūr khainćnā (-se), To hold oneself aloof (from); to have an inordinate opinion of oneself.—āp-hī-āp, adv. Of himself, of itself, &c. (=āp-se-āp); alone.


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