• 1714-1763
  • Aurangabad

Sufi poet known for his widely sung ghazal 'Khabar-e-tahayyur-e-ishq sun…'.

Siraj Aurangabadi was a famous mystic poet. He was born at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. His full name was Siraj-ud-din Aurangabadi. Along with Wali Dakhni, Siraj was the only other poet from Deccan to have left deep imprint on the tone and diction of Urdu. Siaaj is a poet of deep mystic fervour, but he expresses this mysticism through the idiom of love and romance. This makes his poetry universally acceptable and enjoyable. His ghazals are remarkable for the intensity and spontaneity of feeling, depth of thought, and simplicity of style. He had also compiled and edited a selection of Persian poets under the title "Muntakhib Diwan". The anthology of his poems, entitled Siraj-e-Sukhan', was included in Kulliyat-e-Siraj. In his later life, Siraj renounced the world and became a sufi ascetic. He lived a life of isolation, though a number of younger poets and admirers used to gather at his place for poetic instruction and religious edification. Siraj was one of the two front ranking poets who actually led life of a mystic, other being Meer Dard.