Bad-Gumani Shayari

Misunderstanding is something that mars and spoils human relationship. When cleared, separated friends join hands and become one. It has played critical role in the relationship between lovers. Minor or major misunderstandings help us appreciate the real nature of human beings and how they may either co-exist, or part ways. Some verses around these experiences would be of interest to you.

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arz-e-ahvāl ko gilā samjhe

kyā kahā maiñ ne aap kyā samjhe

bad-gumānī ko baḌhā kar tum ne ye kyā kar diyā

ḳhud bhī tanhā ho ga.e mujh ko bhī tanhā kar diyā

ik ġhalat-fahmī ne dil aa.ina dhundlā diyā

ik ġhalat-fahmī se barsoñ shanāsā.ī ga.ī

saaz-e-ulfat chhiḌ rahā hai āñsuoñ ke saaz par

muskurā.e ham to un ko bad-gumānī ho ga.ī