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vo aks ban ke mirī chashm-e-tar meñ rahtā hai

ajiib shaḳhs hai paanī ke ghar meñ rahtā hai

wo aks ban ke meri chashm-e-tar mein rahta hai

ajib shaKHs hai pani ke ghar mein rahta hai

Bismil Sabri
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dil meñ kisī ke raah kiye rahā huuñ maiñ

kitnā hasīñ gunāh kiye rahā huuñ maiñ

dil mein kisi ke rah kiye ja raha hun main

kitna hasin gunah kiye ja raha hun main

Jigar Moradabadi

kisī ko kyā batā.ūñ kaun huuñ maiñ

ki apnī dāstāñ bhūlā huā huuñ

kisi ko kya bataun kaun hun main

ki apni dastan bhula hua hun

Saleem Ahmed

un mahfil meñ 'zafar' log mujhe chāhte haiñ

vo jo kal kahte the dīvāna bhī saudā.ī bhī

un ki mahfil mein 'zafar' log mujhe chahte hain

wo jo kal kahte the diwana bhi saudai bhi

Yusuf Zafar

umr-e-darāz maañg ke laa.ī thī chaar din

do aarzū meñ kaT ga.e do intizār meñ

a long life, four days in all, I did negotiate

two were spent in hope and two were spent in wait

umr-e-daraaz mang ke lai thi chaar din

do aarzu mein kaT gae do intizar mein

a long life, four days in all, I did negotiate

two were spent in hope and two were spent in wait

Seemab Akbarabadi


  • तहसीन
  • تحسین



tahsīn ke laa.eq tirā har sher hai 'akbar'

ahbāb kareñ bazm meñ ab vaah kahāñ tak

tahsin ke laeq tera har sher hai 'akbar'

ahbab karen bazm mein ab wah kahan tak


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Prof. Aslub Ahmad Ansari (1925-2016) was a professor of English and a noted prose writer and critic of English and Urdu. His memory was so sharp that sometimes if he forgot to take his article for recording on the radio or for some other occasion, he would rewrite it word for word and prepare the article in the same way. He was extremely quiet and aloof; books were his companions. His personal library was huge and most of the books were dashed at places with peculiar marks, which assisted in his own writings. At the tranquil hour of the night, he would either be engrossed in reading and writing, or he would read aloud the works of English and Urdu poets with unusual delight. These insights about him are recollected by his daughter Iffat Aara in the book ‘Nasheb-o-Faraz.’ Professor Ansari was also adept in the Persian language. Many of his books on Ghalib and Iqbal have been published which are of great significance. He is considered to be the founder of ‘Amali (text-based) Tanqid’ in Urdu.

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Nasir Kazmi

Nasir Kazmi


One of the founders of modern ghazal.Born at Ambala in India, he migrated to Pakistan and wrote extensively on the pain and sufferings of partition.

dil dhaḌakne sabab yaad aayā

vo tirī yaad thī ab yaad aayā

dil dhaDakne ka sabab yaad aaya

wo teri yaad thi ab yaad aaya

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