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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Dohe on Waqt

“It’s all a matter of

time.” We have heard this and other expressions like this many a time. Apart from our usual notions about time as good or bad, time is also a philosophical concept. We all are subjected to time but we also make time our subject. Poetry in all languages has engaged with the idea and experience of time. Here are some examples from Urdu for you to appraise.

diyā bujhā phir jal jaa.e aur rut bhī palTā khaa.e

phir jo haath se jaa.e samay vo kabhī na lauT ke aa.e

diya bujha phir jal jae aur rut bhi palTa khae

phir jo hath se jae samay wo kabhi na lauT ke aae

Jamal Panipati

motī mūñge kañkar patthar bache na koī bhaa.ī

samay chakkī sab ko piise kyā parbat kyā raa.ī

moti munge kankar patthar bache na koi bhai

samay ki chakki sab ko pise kya parbat kya rai

Jamal Panipati

bābū-gīrī karte ho ga.e 'ālī' ko do saal

murjhāyā vo phuul chehra bhūre paḌ ga.e baal

babu-giri karte ho gae 'ali' ko do sal

murjhaya wo phul sa chehra bhure paD gae baal

Jameeluddin Aali

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