Zindaa.n Par Shayari

Prison house has been used profusely as a metaphor both in classical and modern Urdu poetry. In classical poetry, it was used mostly in a romantic context but in modern poetry it has been used in many more contexts that are social, and even political at times. Have a look at the verses here and see how variously it has been used and with what connotations.

zindagī jabr hai aur jabr ke āsār nahīñ

haa.e is qaid ko zanjīr bhī darkār nahīñ

zindagi jabr hai aur jabr ke aasar nahin

hae is qaid ko zanjir bhi darkar nahin

Fani Badayuni

qafas se duur sahī mausam-e-bahār to hai

asīro aao zarā zikr-e-āshiyāñ ho jaa.e

qafas se dur sahi mausam-e-bahaar to hai

asiro aao zara zikr-e-ashiyan ho jae

Siraj Lakhnavi

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