Aagahi Shayari

As opposed to that adage that ignorance is bliss, we may pose a question as to what worth is a human being if he does not know, or is not enlightened. We deserve our exalted human status because we know but knowing is also a philosophical preoccupation. This has been a subject of bigger discourse in our times and poets have philosophized upon it exhaustively. Here are some examples for your perusal.

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āgahī karb vafā sabr tamannā ehsās

mere siine meñ utre haiñ ye ḳhanjar saare

apne man meñ Duub kar surāġh-e-zindagī

agar merā nahīñ bantā na ban apnā to ban

'saudā' jo be-ḳhabar hai vahī yaañ kare hai aish

mushkil bahut hai un ko jo rakhte haiñ āgahī

tirā vasl hai mujhe be-ḳhudī tirā hijr hai mujhe āgahī

tirā vasl mujh ko firāq hai tirā hijr mujh ko visāl hai

umr jo be-ḳhudī meñ guzrī hai

bas vahī āgahī meñ guzrī hai