Aajizi Shayari

Humility is a great human virtue and keeps us away from growing arrogant, complacent, and falsely proud. It is used in both romantic as well as spiritualist context and in both the contexts, it qualifies a man as a human being. Some examples are here for you to see for yourself.

ijz ke saath chale aa.e haiñ ham 'yazdānī'

koī aur un ko manā lene Dhab yaad nahīñ

ijz ke sath chale aae hain hum 'yazdani'

koi aur un ko mana lene ka Dhab yaad nahin

Yazdani Jalandhari
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kushāda dast-e-karam jab vo be-niyāz kare

niyāz-mand na kyuuñ ājizī pe naaz kare

kushada dast-e-karam jab wo be-niyaz kare

niyaz-mand na kyun aajizi pe naz kare

Allama Iqbal

minnat-o-ājizī o zārī-o-āh

tere aage hazār kar dekhā

minnat-o-ajizi o zari-o-ah

tere aage hazar kar dekha

Meer Mohammadi Bedar
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