aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere



‘Doha’ is an Indian genre of poetry which has been adopted and used by many Urdu poets and has now an established tradition in Urdu as well. ‘Doha’ is an independent couplet of two lines, with each line having 24 matras. Within each line the matras are distributed in two halves of 13 and 11 matras, with a pause between the two. Azmatullah Khan, Jameeluddin Aali and Nida Fazli are prominent among the Urdu poets who have adopted the Doha as a medium of expression.

1959 -2014

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Poet and writer, known for his critical work on childrens’ literature

Well-knwn poet and critic


Indian poet, made experiments in poetical genres


A disciple of Seemab Akbarabadi, published several collections of his ghazals and nazms

1930 -2016

Leading popular poet who got the pseudonym Utsahi from Jawahar Lal Nehru, India's first prime Minister. Known for extensively using words of Awadhi language. Famous for his Nazm 'Ai Meri Jan-e-ghazal….'.

1932 -2020

Famous poet, known for his Dohas


Film Lyricist, famous for his lyrics in the film 'Kaho na pyar hai'

1925 -2015

Famous for writing Dohas.


Sahitya Academy award-winner, known for introducing Dalit discourse in Urdu.


Renowned woman poet from Pakistan known for her bold views on women and her strong stand against religious fundamentalism.

1938 -2010

Prominent modern poet / was associated with the magazine 'Tahrik'

1928 -2006

One of the most outstanding modern poets who wrote both in Urdu and Punjabi. Also a film lyricist.

1938 -2016

One of the most prominent modern poets with wide popular appeal. Well-known film lyricist, prose writer. Famous for his ghazal 'Kabhi kisi ko mukammal Jahan nahin milta…'.

1932 -2016

Poet, Researcher and Translator/Known for Urdu translation of Ghalib’s Persian letters.

1919 -2001

One of the most popular poets ever and film lyricist. Famous for his ghazal 'Garmi-e-hasrat-e-nakaam se jal jate hain'.


An expert of Indian Music and Vocalist.

1936 -2012

One of the most prominent modern Urdu poets and lyricist. Wrote songs for the movie "Umrao Jaan". Recipient of the Bhartiya Gyan Peeth award.


Prominent post-modern poet, Sahitya Academy award winner.

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